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PocketBricks is a platform on which business use cases can be modeled (so-called Pockets). These can either be created according to individual needs or can be obtained in the form of ready-to-use Pockets from a catalog provided by vendors. itnetX, the company behind pocketBricks, provides its own IT Service Management (ITSM) and Asset Management pockets built on top of pocketBricks, and more Pockets are to come.

PocketBricks is divided into 5 areas (store, present, control, act and localize) whereas this areas represents activities which can be done with the product. For example everything related to data (class definitions, relationships etc) belongs to the area store. The product can be extended by packages which are called pockets which contains definitions for the different areas.


Easily store and handle data with the built in data structure.


Create customized views to show or hide your data your own way. Organize your structure with folders. Custom forms will help you receiving the data you want and need.


Gain total control of your data with role management and improve security without effort.


Kick off automated processes, to spare valuable time. React on data changes, without any active interaction.


Let the world know about your business - in each and every language you want. Don't mind foreign customers, serve your ideas in their native language.

Demo Environment

You can request access to a shared pocketBricks demo environment on

Getting started

If you already have a PocketBricks Environment you can use the Getting Started Tutorial for a quick start.